How the Massive Changes to Facebook Impact You

As we predicted after the timeline change – just over 1 year ago,, which followed the constant and exhausting changes of 2010 and 2011 – it has been a while since massive design changes have been made to Facebook.  We should have seen this next round of changes coming.  After all, we do share things differently than we did in 2011 … whether we realize it or not.  Images, big attention grabbing photos and graphics and increased use of mobile devices made some of these changes inevitable, logical.  Ok, that explains 2 of them …but what about the other 2 … OTHER 2 you ask – but I thought there were only 3 big changes.  Ah, my friends, look again .. mentioned during the Q&A session that followed the Press conference announcing these changes … came this little forth change – larger advertisements. The reasons we should have seen the last two changes (a totally new redesigned news feed and bigger advertisements) you wonder? Facebook is now a publically traded commodity, not a privately held company – pure and simple.  Those running the show at Facebook, now must answer to … stockholders.  Stockholders want short term gains … thus, more advertising revenue.
So what does all this have to do with you? Plenty. First and foremost, the way people (including us) use Facebook will change.  Some in ways that will make connecting to a larger target audience easier and some will make it extremely tricky.  These changes will make connecting to the person that didn’t know you were out there for them – very difficult.

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