Power Up Your Online Profits: A Google Certified Expert can help


Want to grow online – and expand your venture? Need to learn how?

Today, people will search on Google for exactly what you offer – make sure they find you easily. Your website not being search engine friendly today is like not having your business listed in the yellow pages 10 years ago. To have visitors on your site, it must be seen.  To be seen, it must show up when they search for what you offer.

This can only happen when your site has the right structure and each item is in exactly the right place. While this has always been important, it is even more so as Google’s ranking system gets tougher. Things like, keywords, metatags, and files must not only be set up but also named properly. Then they must be put in the best possible place within the site.

Your website is the presence of your business online – the online version of a brick and mortar store. Just like with a brick and mortar business, if you don’t have things ready for foot traffic, the little traffic you have to your site – will turn away.  Your site needs things like – a good address, business listings, proper flow and be ready for business. Not only does the site need appeal to Google (and the other search engines) to get more visitors; it must also to feel right to the visitor, so they will stay long enough to become a customer!

While seemingly cheap and easy, third party website and hosting services (like Wix and Big Commerce, to name a few) are not as business friendly as they may seem at first glance. Just one of these reasons has to do with hosting. Having your site on their “included” hosting has major drawbacks to ranking on search engines.  It is also more costly. Having your own site, on your own hosting will put your site way ahead in the search engine game.

When a website is on a third party hosting service, it is “tagged” to that service. Put simply, the other company’s name is all over your website, it may or may not be visible to us – but it is to the search engines. Another drawback is the very limited options they offer for really boosting SEO. There are many, many seo friendly things that are not possible to do using third party services.  What they term as making your site seen on Google, doesn’t come close to what can really be done when off of their hosting and away from their limiting templates. The third biggest drawback is the limited analytics of your site’s traffic. There are some, but again, you don’t have complete access to all that Google offers. This really limits your ability to see areas for change that will vastly improve your rank on search engines.

Does all of this seem rather complicated? Well, it is.  All of the information above is only a primer – and a very basic primer, at that.  So what is the answer for a small business, or nonprofit that needs to grow online? The best and fastest way for you to learn what will get what you offer in the sweat spot on searches – ask an expert!


Many so-called gurus claim to know Google’s secrets.  How do you find the right person amongst all the false gurus? Get a Google Certified Individual to help you – one like Melissa Holder, of Innovative Online Solutions (click here to see the official Google listing)! Having over 10 yrs experience as a webmaster helping people put their dreams online, combined with the technical expertise needed to dominate on Google gives her a rare and valuable skill set.  Anyone that needs to grow online would do well to have her help. Melissa, and the team of professionals at Innovative Online Solutions offer a free 30 minute eMarketing Consultation – no strings attached! There are only a limited number of time slots available. So hurry and schedule yours today!


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