Straight talk about Facebook’s Boost Post Button

Boost Post Button

Have you noticed the “Boost Post” button near each of your Facebook Page posts?  The button has been around on Facebook pages for several months now.  Have you given it a try yet? A quick look at pop up when you click that button would make it seem useful.  After all it’s purpose appears to try and help you reach more of your fans and their friends with your posts – right?
Well, there is an old saying – things are not always as they seem.  I’m sure you’ve heard that one before, and probably learned its truth at least once.  Before you make any incorrect assumptions – let’s look at what I’ve learned works best.  Yes, Facebook tempts you with that Boost button every time you’re on your Page. But, I am one of the many that believes that option is not the best use of your advertising dollars.

If you read much from the “experts” writing for publication – you’ll see that this is NOT a mainstream concept.  Yet, chat with those of us actually working at the task of promoting on social media and you will soon learn for yourself – that Boost button is not always a good idea. In fact, using it might be wasting your money as well as (and this is just as important) ticking some people off.


It’s actually quite simple – and very obvious.  Yet, how often do we NOT see the obvious at first glance?  Let’s look at that more closely. The default option of the Boost feature is to promote the post to the friends of your page’s fans. The people that find your page appealing enough to click your pages LIKE button already see your posts – after all, they show up in their newsfeed.  But what about their family members? Co-workers? Neighbors? Is it possible that those people do NOT have the same interests?  That is, these folks, who quite possibly have no clue who you are, or what you are promoting – and don’t give a flip? Now, all of a sudden, you’re showing up in their News Feed – to a Facebook user, that can (and does to many) feel a bit invasive.  And what’s makes it worse (if they have different interests) the post that shows up states it is a “sponsored” post. Now they feel as if their semi-private Facebook world has been intruded upon by someone or something they didn’t invite in AND are paying for the privilege.

So what is a better way to get posts seen and expand your reach?  Well, in many circumstances, it’s MUCH more effective to:

  1.   Make the post, then wait to get some organic reach on the post first (possibly an hour or two), and then
  2. Use your Facebook Ads POWER EDITOR.  This will allow you to: hyper-target segments of your fan base,select placement (e.g. mobile News Feed, desktop News Feed, right column ads), and choose better bidding.  You can also enable the conversion pixel so you can actually track leads, signups, registrations, etc.

I know this can all sound very complicated, yet it’s really not.  It is well worth the time it will take for you to read up about this free tool.  NOTE: for an unknown reason, this tool only works in the Chrome browser.

Stay tuned for our next blog where we will give the details of how to find and use your Facebook Power Editor.  Why? Because, I believe that once you know the insider secrets of how business owners just like you are creating incredible results with your Facebook page, you’ll be able to achieve the same results or better!  More people providing the world with whatever their passion is – will definitely help all of us.

What’s next?  TONS! The next blog post, the next Facebook post, the Forum – – however, where ever connect with us – let’s learn and grow together!!  Innovative Online SolutionsBlueprint Academy put out a weekly online talk radio show – The Forum Melissa Holder (Google Certified Expert with 15+ years experience) and I, Anita Fiouris,  share tools, tips and techniques for anyone to expand and grow online via eMarketing.  Each program is directed to the tech novice.  Here’s a link to our last episode.  Next week’s episode will review how to use Facebook at a part of your overall eMarketing strategy.



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