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Now that the dust has settled, and many of us have made peace with the ground breaking changes on Facebook since the company went public – it is time we have a business conversation about how to position ourselves and to use the tools we have in front of us to our best advantage.

There is no doubt that the world has been forever changed since the onset of social media – especially with the perfect storm of social media and mobile technology.  It shifted again, when Facebook shifted focus by answering to outside investors.  How that will impact you –only history will tell.  What you already understand is how well you adapt (or not) determines the future of your business.

Innovative Online Solutions has been testing the “boost post” button, to promote Page posts as well as some of the newer Ad/Campaign tools that Facebook offers.  After checking our test results, then comparing those results with others in the field we have come to some pretty solid conclusions.  The result of our tests with the “boost post” button was the topic of a recent post “Straight Talk About Facebook’s Boost Post Button”.

Today, we’ll explore a topic we’ve never discussed here before: Advertising on Facebook. WAY back in the day (circa 2007-ish) I would have never imagined that today, I’d be advising small business owners (small ventures of all kinds), individuals, nonprofit organizations (NPOs) and startups – to take a look at Facebook advertising.  Well, I am. With the changes in the Facebook format, the ones coming soon and the changes in how posts are seen in news feeds – this will be very useful info.  The next several posts  will help you wade through the deep and sometimes confusing waters of promoted posts / ads / campaigns.  While wading alone – it can feel over whelming, with a guide – it isn’t that difficult to understand, a bit involved – yes.  Impossible – no. That’s where we come in – to help you understand how to expand online.

With today’s Facebook, the most powerful way to target your ideal audience on  is with properly created and targeted ads. This is the fastest and least expensive way to get that audience on Facebook that you want.  As I mentioned in a recent post,  the self-promotion tool Facebook pushes is the “Boost Button” located under each of your Page posts. But clicking the “Boost Post” button and using the self-serve ad tool only scratches the surface (and can actually have a negative impact) If you want to thrive and direct profits – become familiar with Facebook Ads.  To do that quickly, and wisely, you need to use Power Editor.

What Is Power Editor?

It will give you full control over your Facebook advertising  while saving you time and money. Power Editor is a free browser plugin created by Facebook. It was initially created as a Chrome plugin. So here’s the first catch –  for it to work right, all the time,  you need to use it only in the Chrome browser.  Power Editor has many advantages over Facebook’s self-serve ad tool used by the vast majority of Facebook advertisers, so it is worth getting used to a new browser – if you are more accustomed to Mozilla Firefox (like me) or Internet Explorer.

You can find it (and download it) here:

5 benefits of using Power Editor for your Facebook ads:

Future posts in this series will cover the specific details about each of these benefits. You will easily learn more about how this tool can work for you and help you hit your social media growth goals.

  • Get Access to Latest Facebook Ad Features:
    When Facebook rolls out new advanced features, they’re sent first to the Facebook ads API (which goes to third-party tools) and Power Editor. As a result, marketers using Power Editor tend to get these features well before those who use the self-serve ad tool exclusively.
  • Control your Ad Placement:
    Power Editor provides full control over the placement of your Facebook ads. This means you can target the appearance of your ads. Let narrow it down even more.  We all know mobile is vital, now you have the ability to target mobile devices but also specific devices. Even to drill down into the models of those phones and OS versions – if you wish. Using the new Facebook ads reports, you can quickly determine which placements are providing the best bang for your buck so you can then direct your activity accordingly.
  • Optimize Your Ad Bidding:
    I will dedicate an entire post to this benefit later – for now, it simply means you have WAY more capability to assure the amount you spend gets you in front of the people you want to be in front of – and have ability to get better reporting to tweek later actions.  Bottom line – more bang for your buck.
  • Save Time With Bulk Editing:
    The Bulk Editing feature is a quick and easy way to shave off a few minutes from managing your ads (again, we’ll go into this benefit in greater detail in a later post)
  • Create a Campaign With Power Editor:
    from the same place that you manage them – it shaves off the time you spend managing your page’s growth.  It makes creating Ad campaigns easy and fast.
  • Create an Ad With Power Editor:
    Same goes for Ad creation and management – one stop shopping for a busy person is always a plus!

Stay tuned for the rest of this series – where you will get the details of how to get started and use Power Editor to grow your Facebook audience!
Innovative Online Solutions  & Blueprint Academy are here to help you put your dream online and grow!  Let’s connect on Facebook or at The Forum (a weekly online talk radio show)


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