Beginner’s Guide To Getting Started on Facebook’s Power Editor


A Beginner’s Guide To Getting Started on Facebook’s Power Editor

The best way to explore anything new, especially a tool, is to understand what it was created to do for you.  Power Editor was designed to improve your efficiency in creating, editing and managing ads and campaigns on Facebook.  For example, Power Editor allows operations like editing of campaign settings, targeting, bids, budgets, flight dates.  As well, it helps creative elements across ads, campaigns. It offers additional features such as allowing you control over specific ad / campaign placement and the targeting of custom audiences. With Facebook Power Editor, you can also monitor advertising stats in order to improve and perfect the performance of your ads and campaigns from within the tool itself.  So not only do you have the ability to do more within Facebook – but you can also monitor and tweak things from there too.

If you want, Facebook Power Editor can work in conjunction with Excel (and other spreadsheet applications). You can copy and paste the data from your ads and campaigns to and from Excel spreadsheets.  For those of us that know how to read and interpret the numbers – this is VERY helpful.

It’s a really handy capability of Facebook Power Editor that hasn’t gotten as much press is, in my opinion, extremely helpful.  This handy application allows you to manage your Facebook pages from it.

So, now that we have established that with Power Editor, you will have more opportunity to direct your message exactly to the niche you are looking for, as well as manage that advertising effort all in one place; you can also track your stats AND keep them in handy spreadsheets – it’s time to discuss the basics about getting you up and running on it.

Where You Can Find Power Editor:

To get to Power Editor, use a Google Chrome browser to go to:

Once you’re in Power Editor:

Simply click Download on the top right to download the accounts you want to access. Keep in mind that it is only supported in the Google Chrome browser.

o   If you have not yet downloaded Google Chrome – simply click here

o   If you’re having trouble downloading your accounts. This is the link to Facebook’s Power Editor troubleshooting tips


How to navigate within Power Editor?


1.     Left Pane: The left pane contains all your accounts and campaigns. Selecting an account in the drop-down in the left pane will allow you to view ads in the list view, filtered by campaign.

2.     Tabs: You can navigate between the campaign dashboard, image library, billing summary, audience pane, and conversion tracking section by selecting each component on the left side.

3.     Switch View: Switch between looking at your ads and your campaigns

4.     List View: In the ads view, the list view will display all ads for the campaigns and accounts selected in the left pane. In the campaigns view, it will display all campaigns for the accounts selected in the left pane. You can select multiple ads at the same time by using the Shift key for items that are next to each other, and the Control or Command keys for items that are further apart.

 5.     Work Space: The work space displays editable fields about ads or campaigns. Clicking on one of the ads or campaigns in the list view will automatically open up this ad or campaign’s details in the work space. If you select multiple ads or campaigns, you can use the work space to make changes to several ads or campaigns at once.


Keep in mind that when selecting multiple ads or campaigns in the list view, the work space will only show values for a given field if all of the selected ads or campaigns have the same value. For example, if you have chosen multiple campaigns in the list view, each of which has a daily budget of $10, then the work space will show $10 for the budget and blank values for other fields. If you edit a field in the work space, all of the selected campaigns in the list view will be updated with that value.

What do the icons in Power Editor mean?


 Now that you are familiar with some of the parts of the Power Editor dashboard, and what the icons mean – explore! 

What’s next?  TONS! The next blog post (How to Manage Facebook Pages via Power Editor); the next Facebook post;  the Forum – Innovative Online SolutionsBlueprint Academy put out a weekly online talk radio show – The Forum where Melissa Holder (Google Certified Expert with 15+ years experience) and I, Anita Fiouris,  share tools, tips and techniques for anyone to expand and grow online via eMarketing.  Each program is directed to the tech novice.





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